How to View Someone Instagram Old Stories (2020)

Lets talk about on how to view someone Instagram old stories.
So if you want to see people’s old Instagram stories then you will love this Article. Let’s get start.

Instagram, as we all know, may be a popular social networking website a bit like Facebook where the users share their pictures and videos via stories feature.

You may hook up with all of your friends and relations on Instagram just by following them. Once you follow them, you’ll view and like their pictures, videos, and stories they share.

Instagram stories have a time-span of 24 hours after which they disappear. Be it your story or someone else’s it’ll only stay for twenty-four hours unless it’s became a Highlight. If it’s a Highlight, it’ll stay until you remove it and this manner the story will stay for quite 24 hours.

See Instagram Old Stories

How to View Someone Instagram Old Stories (2020)

It is very simple to see whether the story your friend’s profile has may be a Highlight or not. All you would like to try to to to see this is often to open Instagram, open your friend’s profile and slightly below the story section see if you discover any Highlight. just in case the story remains available to look at then it’s a Highlight, and you’ll also copy it if you actually love it .

The story are going to be available for you to look at anytime if it’s posted as a Highlight. If you actually liked the story you’ll copy it.

To copy the story you would like to require a screenshot of it but be ensured that you simply r friend are going to be notified that you took the screenshot of their story. Although there are various other ways to repeat your friend’s story but the simplest of all of them is take a screenshot of it.

If it’s your own story that you simply posted, you’ll prefer to click on rock bottom left side of the most Story screen where you’ll see the icon of ‘Seen By’. you’ll save the story to your camera roll by choosing the Download option available.

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Incase, the Story belongs to somebody else , you would like to think more creatively to repeat it. There are a couple of websites available that might allow you to look at and save other users’ stories. an internet site named Storeisig allows users to look at other user’s stories and also allows them to repeat it. there’s another website named Ninja Copy which also does an equivalent thing, so you would possibly use this website also to repeat other’s stories.

Some of the stories posted by users are soo amazing that you simply crave to observe them over-n-over again because they’re worthwhile . So, during this case, you’ll watch the story as repeatedly as you would like to keeping in mind the 24 hour time slab beyond which the story will disappear automatically.

You can open the story normally as you are doing whenever you anticipate to observe ing someone’s story and just keep replaying it again and again till the time you would like to watch it. So either you watch it till it’s there for twenty-four hours otherwise you might get to observe it for an extended period of your time if it’s available as a Highlight. And you would possibly also copy it by a screenshot as discussed earlier.

A reposted story can’t be became a Highlight, so if you are trying to try to to that you simply won’t succeed. albeit there are alternates available, still Instagram has no authority to save lots of copies of any one’s story for any time or any reason. As discussed earlier that there’s an internet site available to repeat someone’s story named Storeisig and Ninja Copy.

But, if these are also of no help then, therein case, you’ll ask the one that posted that specific story to send you a replica of it. And once you get the copy, you’ll download it as per your choice. Once you’ve got the Story on your camera roll, it’s your choice what you would like to try to to with it, whether you would like to post it or simply keep it as safe within the memory to observe it whenever you would like to.
You may ask the person to send the story to you thru email, DM or differently you are feeling it’ll be convenient for you to download it. Whether you recognize the person or not, you’ll just ask them for the Story during a decent manner stating what proportion you liked it and that they won’t be ready to deny your request because it would preferably be a compliment for the Story they posted.

Keeping one’s ego aside, the opposite person will surely DM or email you their Story knowing the very fact that their Story is really being liked and appreciated by others. Thus, adding Stories on Instagram is a superb feature that users enjoy doing. Every-day over many users posts their Stories which are liked by friends, families or maybe strangers just in case they’re following you.

The 24 hour time constraint adds such a lot of pleasure also as FOMO to the users that they keep it up checking the app over and once again . It also encourages the users to place across their Stories more frequently because it would be available only for 24 hours and not be saved there as a permanent record which isn’t quite interesting to observe .

Watching a replacement Story a day adds to the fun and usage of the app which makes it even more interesting for the users. this manner the Story feature goes to urge more popular day by day as people enjoying doing it. Whether it’s uploading your story or it’s copying someone else’s people are keen on doing an equivalent on the app.

So, to sum it up you can’t watch someone’s old Stories again unless they need been saved as a Highlight by the user. And if it a Highlight or not are often only acknowledged by visiting their profile. If you’re lucky enough you’d find their old Instagram stories there under the Highlights section, if not then the Story just disappeared after completing its 24 hour time slab.

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